வாழ்க வையகம் ! வாழ்க வளமுடன் !!

  • 1. What is World Community Service Center (WCSC) ?

    World Community Service Center - found by Philosopher Vethathiri to attain World Peace. Vethathiri believes in 'Donating Knowledge is many times valuable than donating food'. He found a systematic approach for the Human Excellence by simplifying complex Yoga practices by Indian Yogis, with common science to common men.

  • 2. What is the Mission of WCSC?

    The mission of WCSC is to foster world peace through Individual peace

  • 3. How do you achieve the Mission of WCSC?

    Individual Peace brings Family peace. Family peace brings Community Peace. Community Peace brings World Peace.

  • 4. What is SKY?

    SKY - Simplified Kundalini Yoga founded by Vethathiri Maharishi for the human excellence and as part of World Community Service Center. Note 'SIMPLIFIED' - is the big and great innovation of Vethathiri. A system that contains all walks of life, Science, Psychology, Health, Mind, Ecology, Space, Waves, Communication, etc.

  • 5. What is Kundalini?

    Kundalini - is the Life Force or Life Energy. Kundalini Yoga helps to understand and realize the Life Energy , preserve it , regulate it and apply it to the right place and right amount.

  • 6. Is it religious?


    Vethathiri simplified all these techniques and teachings, are explained in common science to common men. Thus the benefits enjoyed and limited only to the great Yogis, are brought to the average family men and children.

  • 7. Is Simplified Kundalini Yoga difficult to practice?

    Very easy to feel your own Life Force with a little help of a SKY Master initially - who just walking few steps ahead of you. And you too can. This is completely simplified for family men , women and children , explained in common science.

  • 8. Why should I practice SKY?

    You need not have to practice SKY. You can follow any system that foster "A Peaceful World" and make effective positive changes in individual. SKY is all about Human Excellence - it teaches a basic and common life science we already partially know of. It teaches to understand your inner body system ( functions of glands , blood, etc), outer body exercise, mind, bio magnetism, space magnetism, every day communication, success , many thing that every human being to be taught at first place. SKY teaches you priceless life science almost at no cost.

  • 9. How much does the courses cost me?

    To attend Group meditations in local SKY Centers or Online meditation , there is no cost in most centers. (Some centers may collect optional yearly donations like $5/$10, for administrative purposes) . For INTROSPECTION Courses (1,2,3) $50 is a suggested donation . Mostly 2 days lectures.

    Again this is 'Not for profit' organization, Volunteered by well wishers of every human being. Donations are Tax deductible in the US. But remember THE BENEFITS ARE PRICELESS.

  • 10. What are the regular activities?

    Week ends Group Meditations at local SKY Centers. Week days ONLINE Meditation all 5 days. Hike and Bless events, World Peace day celebrations etc.

  • 11. How does online SKY Meditation Work?

    Online meditation helps individuals experience peace by practicing SKY meditation at the convenience of their own place. While joining a social group helps reinforce practice and stay consistent. This purifies the waves and energy in yourself , in your home and around the world altogether.

  • 12. Where is a near by SKY Center?

    Simplified Kundalini Yoga Centers are available all over the world as part of World Community Service Center.
    For the other parts of world: https://vethathiri.edu.in/centers/